Repair – Blister

Blisters, more correctly called “hydrolysis” is one of the most talked about boat problems of our age. Zahniser’s knows this problem & its repair well. Over the last 20 years we have successfully repaired over 450 hulls.

Zahniser’s helped pioneer the techniques that today are accepted by most professionals as the standard repair.

  • bottom profiles
  • carefully designed repairs
  • moisture meters,
  • peeling
  • relaminating
  • vinylester resins

Written warranties, etc. have been the standard here for years. Many of our repairs are over ten years old without failure.

Blisters and laminate hydrolysis are complicated subjects, but they are NOT a mystery. To help our customers better understand the matter, we offer our Blisters & Laminate Hydrolysis Study on-line.

Using a peeler for damaged Gelkote and laminate removal. we are able to produce the highest quality work with incredible accuracy.


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